Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 18: "Run for your life"

Posted June 23rd 2013 by: Bob House

It's Sunday here in Arusha. I awoke to the sounds of an African choir singing at a Catholic church not far from here. It was beautiful music. Following one of Mama Mika's fantastic breakfasts I decided to jog within the compound walls. I would have run outside but there are no sidewalks and the road is paved with what looks like volcanic rock. It's very sharp and I'm afraid it would have ruined my shoes.

So I put on my running shoes and headed outside. I decided to run this last week since I hadn't been able to run while we were in the Serengeti. Running in the Serengeti would not be a great idea. There are too many animals, who if they saw me running, might have decided I was fair game for their day's meal.

Years ago I joined a health club and for more than a year went there and worked out religiously five or six times a week. Then we took a three-week vacation to California. When I got back I never seemed to be able to get myself back into the regiment of working out. I didn't want that to happen this time. I also recognized during our climb up the mountain to reach the Wild Dogs what a difference my past year's efforts had made. Our two trackers were young Tanzanian's about 20 years of age. Because of my exercise regime at home, I was able to keep up with them and I wasn't out of breath or tired when we reached the top, unlike someone who shall go unnamed.

And so, I sit here on the front porch, proud of the fact that I just completed my first jog in over three weeks. I jogged for 35 minutes. I feel good even though the altitude here in Arusha is about 4500 feet above sea level and Minneapolis at its highest is about 841 feet.

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