Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 19 - "Konyagi"

Posted June 24th 2013 by: Bob House

Other than spending six days in the Serengeti, which wasn't nearly enough, this has been the best day yet. We interviewed a gentleman today who helped confirm the premise of what I have wanted this documentary to be about. I can't go into details because I expect you all to wait for the finished product. But it gives me the controversy that I've been looking for and that I thought was there.

If there are mistakes in spelling, grammar, or anything else you might find fault with, please excuse me. We got back here and I've been sitting on the porch enjoying several drinks of Konyagi. It is a local liquor and very good. I am so ecstatic over today's interview and what the interviewee said I can't help myself.

I've been working on this documentary for more than a year, and I still have a lot of work to do, but today's interview was unbelievable. When we finished Brad looked at me and said, "That was fantastic, but can we use it?" "Hell yes we're going to use it," was my reply.

We've had so many great interviews that will help make this documentary. But the person we interviewed today spoke from the heart and without reservation. Others have alluded to what he spoke of but were hesitant for fear of their jobs or offending someone.

Just believe me that with this and several of the other interviews we've filmed, I know I can make a great documentary. As much as I'm going to hate leaving Africa, I am so looking forward to the writing and editing of this documentary.

Right now, it's time for another Konyagi and a cigar.

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