Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 23: Bringing A Little Something Home

Posted August 21st 2013 by: Bob House

During our time in the Serengeti we came across lions, leopards, cheetahs, a black mamba, a puff adder, hyenas, and many other wild and dangerous animals. We even climbed to the top of a small mountain in search of the African Wild Dog. As we neared the top we came to a rock ledge about ten feet high. As we looked for a way to get around the ledge, we heard a snarling noise directly above us. Looking up we saw the face of one member of the African Wild Dog pack we were in search of. When I asked Ernest, one of our trackers, if they might attack humans his reply was in the affirmative.

"But your job is to protect us right?" I asked.

"Only if you can run faster than me," he replied with a smile.

Luckily for us the wild dog disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

And so we left the Serengeti and Tanzania without having been attacked by anything dangerous. We arrived home safe and sound...or so we thought.

Last week I received a call from Melissa, the wife of my cinematographer, letting me know that Brad was in the hospital with malaria. Can you believe it? While we both took our antimalarial medication without fail, prior to, during, and after our return, it appears that it isn't 100% reliable. And it is possible to still come down with malaria up to a year following one's visit to Africa.

Thank God Brad is back home recovering and said he's feeling better. He will need to take medication for several weeks to come. As for me, only time will tell if one of those little buggers bit and infected me.

I hate mosquitos!

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