Who should decide the fate of the Serengeti?

Posted June 13th 2014 by: Bob House

A year ago while we were in the Serengeti the documentary was to be about the controversy surrounding the proposed highway to be built that would bisect the park. But once we began interviewing Tanzanians about the highway, the documentary took a turn.

Now the focus is on the right of self-determination on the part of the Tanzanians in matters relating to conservation and environmental issues. Like conservationists and environmentalists the world over every one of the Tanzanian professionals we interviewed understood how important it is to protect the ecosystems of the Serengeti and all the other national parks and game preserves. But unlike many outsiders, the Tanzanians have a unique view of what needs to be done. Besides protecting the precious animals and ecosystems, they also have to take into account the economic well-being of their people.

The number of Tanzanians who are now university-trained biologists, environmentalists, and conservationists is growing all the time. This capacity building is one of the most important keys to the survival of the ecosystems and wildlife species that make up the national parks and game preserves throughout Tanzania. These are the people you'll hear from in the documentary and who hold the future of the Serengeti and other precious ecosystems in their hands.

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