The glamorous job of editing. NOT!

Posted August 05th 2014 by: Bob House

And so the editing process continues. We're slowly pulling the quotes out of the interviews that will help tell the story of how the Tanzanians are taking control of their own environmental and conservation destiny. I've added this short clip to show the process. As you can see, there's nothing glamorous about this portion of the project. It's hard, almost tedious work. We conducted some 20 plus interviews each lasting from 20 minutes to over an hour. We listen to each one marking the quotes that work and cutting out such things as "ahs," "ums," and long pauses between words. While Brad edits the footage I am busy typing the quotes word-for-word to add as subtitles since many of the interviewees have heavy accents which listeners may have a hard time understanding.

Brad editing

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