Wild vs Zoo

Posted August 19th 2014 by: Bob House

About a week ago Brad and I visited the zoo first thing in the morning to get some b-roll footage. There's a spot in the doc where the narrator talks about seeing animals in a zoo setting and those same animals in their natural wild habitat.

Lion in Zoo LIon in Serengeti Zebra in zoo Zebras Serengeti














Zoos have made great strides in how they present their animals as well as how they care for them. And if it hadn't been for zoos there are some animals that would now be extinct.

However, until our sojourn into the Serengeti, I could not even imagine what it was like seeing these animals roaming free as God had intended. It was an experience I wish everyone could have.

Besides hoping that our documentary convinces others that the people of Tanzania have the right to manage and make their own decisions regarding how they protect these animals and their environments, I'm also hoping our documentary will inspire people to travel to places like Africa to see these magnificent animals in their natural settings. You won't be disappointed!

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