Editing A Documentary About The Serengeti National Park And A Proposed Highway...Getting it just right

Posted October 10th 2014 by: Bob House

We've been working on this documentary about the preservation of the Serengeti National Park, the proposed Serengeti Highway, and the Tanzanian's right to self-determination regarding the Serengeti National Park and all the other national parks and protected areas within Tanzania.

During our session the other night we needed to rerecord a couple portions of the narration. You know writing and producing radio commercials, videos, and TV spots was always easy. It was a simple matter of writing, them, hiring the talent, and directing  the talent on how to act or say the words. And I always got to do it from the relative security of being on the other side of the window in the studio or hiding behind the camera. As for me, I tend to freeze in front of the camera and hate the sound of my voice through the headphones while trying to make the words sound like they did in my head when I was writing them.

I've added a couple of clips from the other night. They speak for themselves.

Clip4 Brad working his magic - Medium Clip5 Bob recording - Medium

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