A Documentary About Tanzania's Right to Self-Determination Regarding the Serengeti National Park and All Other Natural Rescources

Posted October 12th 2014 by: Bob House

There have been many articles written about the proposed Serengeti Highway and the affects it will have on the Serengeti National Park by conservationists and environmentalists around the world. However, very few, if any, have expressed the opinions and desires of the Tanzanians themselves. Here are just five preview clips from a documentary that deals with the right of the Tanzanian people to decide how to manage conservation and environmental issues facing the Serengeti National Park and all the other national parks and protected areas located within the boundaries of their country. All the interviewees appearing in this documentary are Tanzanians who have a deep concern and desire to see the Serengeti National Park and other parks and protected areas be preserved for future generations while at the same time incorporating ways to improve the economic well-being of all Tanzanians.

Zebras Serengeti

Nayhongo Clip 1

Janemary Clip 1 -

Wild Dog Project

Robert Clip 1

Angela and Gambay Clip 2


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