The Adventure Begins

Posted June 03rd 2013 by: Bob House

Well at 3:10 p.m. Brad and I depart for Tanzania. We'll arrive there at 7:35 p.m. on Tuesday. I just came back from picking up one of the cams we'll be bringing. I'll be carrying it on the plane. I couldn't believe all the equipment we're taking. Took my first anti-malaria pills. The one side affect is supposedly weird dreams. I'll let you know if that happens.

I'm hoping that we haven't forgotten anything. While I was at Brad's he mentioned an article about a Catholic church in Arusha (where we will be staying) that was bombed in early May. Up until now I has thought that Tanzania was a peaceful place. Hopefully nothing like that will happen while we are there. If you're interested in reading it you can read about it here:

Well watch for another post tomorrow prior to take off.

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