Tales from the Serengeti, "Dr. Roskaft I presume"

Posted June 05th 2013 by: Bob House

Well we arrived in Tanzania after a long and arduous journey. We arrived at the Eivin house in Arusha about 10 p.m. their time (2 p.m. our time), having left Minnesota at 3:10 p.m. the previous day.

We were treated to a great dinner by Eivin. Having gotten a good nights sleep (much better than the one on the plane) we got up, had breakfast, and began our next journey, trying to secure the permit to film in the Serengeti.

We first went from one government office to another and to another and back to the first. We now need to write a letter of introduction and will be taking it back to the first office in the morning. They have told us we should be able to enter the Serengeti by Saturday.

We have had to hire a vehicle and a driver for the next 11 days. This has been a hit to the budget we weren't expecting but feel it should fit within the budget.

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