Tales from the Serengeti

Posted June 05th 2013 by: Bob House

Well tomorrow morning, Thursday, June 6, we will head back to the TANAPA office to see if we can work out all the details of our park entry permit. If all goes well, we will follow Eivin until he enters the park. Brad and I and our driver will head out to some communities to interview and film some local authorities. During this time we hope to meet up with Emmanuel Maidenhair and interview him regarding his Wild African Dog research and project. Then on Thursday, June 13, we will head into the Serengeti to film wildlife and meet up with Eivin at the Serengeti Research Center, where we will also have an opportunity to interview more people.

Tonight we conducted our first interview of one of Eivin's students. The interview went well and we will meet up with him again in one of the communities we will visit.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions on this site. I may try to post some photos on my Facebook page.

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