Tales for the Serengeti - Episode 5 "Bureaucracy"

Posted June 06th 2013 by: Bob House

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As we have begun interviewing various people including discussions with Eivin and some of his Tanzanian contacts and former students, I am beginning to grow very excited about it's potential. Even Eivin is excited about it and said he will help us try to get it on TV in Norway. He actually feels it might have potential to develop into more than one documentary. At first I was worried that I might not be able to do it justice, but the more I talk with Eivin and others, the more excited I have become and the more I know that I can do it creatively. The last time I was as excited and as enthusiastic about a project I was creating was the play I wrote for Minnetonka High School several years ago. I can hardly wait to actually begin writing and editing. I am already discussing with Brad the creative aspects of the documentary and what I want to accomplish. I am so fired up!

Our only problem is in dealing with the bureaucracy here in Tanzania. However, today we have a new ally in that of Emmanuel Maidenhair who seems to know how to work within the system to complete our permit process. We are all hoping that we will be successful tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed and tune in tomorrow to see how things turn out.

Again, feel free to leave comments on this blog, ask questions, or pass it on to others who might find it interesting.

Until tomorrow....

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