Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 9: "Breakdown"

Posted June 13th 2013 by: Bob House

Departing from the Lutheran Hotel we traveled back down the rift that we had climbed the previous day. On the way down we came across a large group of baboons hanging around the side of the road. Lazaro explained that they were patiently waiting for the banana trucks to come by. He explained that as the trucks near the top and begin to slow down due to the steep grade some of the baboons leap on to the trucks. These interlopers then begin to not only feast on the cargo themselves but also toss bananas off to their waiting minions along the roadside.

When we started the day we noticed a strange noise coming from underneath the Land Cruiser. Lazaro decided it would be prudent to have is checked out. We spent the next three hours in a garage having the drive train repaired. Apparently it had been damaged by rocks on our journey along the rocky road to Bambuto. It being Sunday we were lucky to find a shop open. As it was the mechanic visited a nearby junkyard to find a similar part which he then very adeptly adapted for use on the damaged drive train. It was interesting to watch him work his magic with nothing but hand tools.

With the Land Cruiser once more in good working order we set out for our next destination, Lake Natron.

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