Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 12: "Radom thoughts from Papa Samantha"

Posted June 14th 2013 by: Bob House

Six days without any type of contact with our family and friends and you begin to ask yourself, "does the world beyond Africa, the world we called home, really exist?"

Being here in Africa, traveling and witnessing the life these people live, makes you thankful for all the convenience and life we live.

I'll never take another toilet for granted! A hole in the ground just doesn't cut it.

Every day, as we experience the things that Africa has to offer is like a dream come true.

Sitting on the porch of Eivin's "cabin" in the Serengeti late at night enjoying a glass of whiskey and smoking a cigar, listening to the hyena off in the distance, is like no other experience you can imagine.

Brad and I are learning Swahili from Eivin with a Norwegian accent.

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