Tales from the Serengeti - Episode 14: "Eyes in the night"

Posted June 17th 2013 by: Bob House

Water is a precious commodity here in the research center. So often times rather than using the toilet in the house, we use the great outdoors. Well last night after dark I decided to head outdoors to take care of business. Having seen a Black Mamba crossing the road the very first day in the Serengeti and knowing that Eivin has seen them around the house in the research center I decided it would be prudent to scan the ground as I walked with my flashlight. Once I reached the spot I thought would work I also decided to scan the immediate vicinity just for my own satisfaction. I raised my flashlight and pointed into the darkness. There in the blackness of night my flashlight illuminated two eyes staring at me from the bush. The eyes were unblinking and glared at me like two embers of coal in the night. Suddenly I forget what I was there to do. I called out to Eivin and Brad who came out onto the porch to see what was going on. I turned my flashlight into the bush to illuminate the sinister glowing eyes again. For the next half-hour we watched the eyes and speculated whether or not it was a hyena. Finally Brad ventured off the porch to get a closer look, having been assured by Eivin that if it was a hyena, it would not attack. Brad edged closer, moving into the deep grass keeping his flashlight on the eyes. The eyes rose up above the grass line and swiftly moved away from where it had stood. We watched as it moved away from us and were able to ascertain that it was not a hyena after all but merely a solitary impala. Shortly thereafter Brad and Eivin retreated into the house to retire for the evening. I stayed to finish my cigar and take care of my business. When I finished I swept the grass line with my flashlight once more. The eyes were back! Just as I entered the house I could hear the distant cry of a hyena.

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