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Help Make It A Reality

With the help of a couple of "angles", we were able to visit Tanzania and spend the month of June filming in and around the Serengeti. We interview more than 25 people and logged over 20 hours of film. The surprising results of the interviews have only heightened our expectations and enthusiasm for the documentary. We believe we have a story to tell that no one else has told before and from a totally different point-of-view.

We are now back Minnesota writing and editing the documentary. While the "angles" helped get us to Tanzania, we could still use your help. We need money for studio time, voice over talent, music, historical footage, and few other sundry items.

If you are willing to help us financially with any size donation, we'd be very appreciative. All we have to offer is the satisfaction that you'll be part of a first-rate documentary. Of course we'll make sure you're listed in the credits, send you up-dates throughout the editing process, and make sure you receive a DVD of the completed documentary (we may even come up a few other things as a way to show our thanks). If this is something you'd be interested in being a part of go to the contact page and fill out the information required. We don't want you to send money right away, but rather let us know how much you'd be willing to pledge. When we're ready to use the money we'll contact you.