Learn more about our documentary

Learn more about our documentary

Progress Report on Our Documentary About the Serengeti National Park, the Serengeti Highway, and the Right of Tanzanian's to Decide Conservation and Environmental Issues Within Their Own Country

Posted October 05th 2014 by: Bob House

Both Brad and I are excited to see how our documentary about the Serengeti National Park, the proposed Serengeti Highway, and the right of Tanzanian's to determine how to deal with conservation and environmental issues within their own country is beginning to take shape. It is a long process, transcribing the interviews then picking just the right section of an interview to help advance the story, that takes a lot of time. I've attached three different clips to give you an idea of what we are doing.

Clip #1 is Joseph Gambay. As you watch this clip take note of the two screens. The one on the left reflects how dark it was when we actually recorded the session with Joseph. The screen on the right, the one playing, shows how Brad was able to lighten while editing.

#1 Joseph Gambay - Small

Clip #2 shows three of the people we interviewed discussing the Serengeti road project.

#2 Road - Small

And clip #3 shows three of Tanzanians future researchers who will work to help protect the precious ecosystems located throughout Tanzania making certain that generations to come will be able to visit and enjoy all they hold.

#3 Future Researchers - Small

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